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thoughtful urgency


We are using lessons taught by the natural world and the connectivity and influence of individuals and industry to help shape the world we live in by reframing the conversation and strategy around economic, environmental, and cultural beliefs, internal and external to an organization.

The cumulative effect - we hope - is thoughtful urgency that creates immediacy and long-lasting positive impact for each and every person to thrive.


The Acadia Group

The silence along the trails of Acadia National Park in Maine, has given me a deep appreciation for thoughtful dialog with self and others. London, an appreciation for the energy of perpetual motion. 

You might say, one is a state of being — and thoughtful behavior. The other one of doing — and ongoing urgency. Both are in a state of perpetual change and growth.


If our natural world is under challenge and in need of repair, might our best teacher be nature through thoughtful urgency?​ Thoughtful urgency is the driving force of The Acadia Group's mission, services and values.​

We provide professional advisory services and creative impact initiatives.  Our first initiative is The Acadia Initiative.  An initiative to change the narrative of capitalism through bottom-up emergent capitalism.

Brad Rendle


The Acadia Group

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